Cavities Wooddale

Cavities Wooddale

Halloween can be fun, but the sugar rush of the holidays may have long-reaching effects that are not as fun. The bacteria inside our mouths love sugar, and all that candy can leave a lot inside your mouth. Be sure to take care to keep your teeth clean while you go through the leftover sweets that you might have purchased more than you needed on purpose. While there is no good candy when it comes to your teeth, the hard candies are the most gentle on your teeth. Softer candies, especially those that are sticky like caramel and gummy candy, tend to stick to your teeth. This makes it harder for your saliva to wash the sugar off and can make those spots prone to getting cavities.

Cavity Prevention Wooddale

Brushing is always a good start when trying to prevent cavities. Brushing physically removes the leftover food particles that are left behind when we eat that are hard for your saliva to wash away. Flossing gets in deep to remove what finds its way between your teeth or under your gums. Mouthwash will help give your saliva a boost by washing away anything that was left behind loose before it can resettle into your teeth, and help control the bacteria inside your mouth.

Tooth Care Wooddale

Having healthy teeth is also a good defense against Cavities. When the enamel on your teeth is strong it can resist the acid better from the bacteria better. This can be done in a variety of ways. Fluoride helps to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay by both strengthening teeth and killing harmful bacteria. Avoid acidic drinks like pop, citric fruit drinks, and similar items. These contain acids that directly affect your teeth and can cause damage.

Fillings Wooddale

When prevention fails the acid that is produced when the bacteria inside your mouth eats the sugar. This acid will burn a hole inside the enamel of your tooth and if left unchecked will damage much of the softer bone inside the tooth and could cause it to need a root canal or need to be removed completely. The best way to stop the damage and fix it is to have a filling. The dentist will go in and drill out the tooth so that health portions of the tooth will be exposed. Then taking a material such as ceramic, resin, gold, or silver to fill the hole that was made. This will help prevent further damage to the tooth in that location.

Dentist Wooddale

These steps can give you a good plan, but you need to know where you stand and if what you are doing is working. Regular checkups will let you know how your teeth are doing and if there are any spots that you need to worry about. Addison Dental can help you, our dentists and staff are well educated in how to help your teeth stay strong, and can help recommend dental health products that can help protect your teeth. Though sometimes all the preventative measures can’t stop the damage. We can still help, from cavity filling to implants we have you covered. So stop on in and be sure to visit our promotion page to see what specials we are running.

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