Dental Care & Diabetes

Dental Care & Diabetes

While we at Addison Dental are available for all of your dental care needs we especially take the time to care for our patients who are at higher risk for developing dangerous oral conditions. You will find that education is a critical component of the care that we provide our patients. Below is some information we thought was important to share with our patients as well as those living in the local area. If you or a loved one live in the following communities and are in need of dental care call us today at: 630-984-9850

Affects of Diabetes on Your Oral Health

Did you know that a lot of new research is showing a serious relationship between gum disease and diabetes? What is truly alarming is that this relationship is actually a two way street. Meaning that Diabetes can actually be a cause for some dental care problems, and some dental health issues can affect your blood sugar levels.

Diabetes and Periodontal Gum Disease

Diabetics are at risk of developing periodontitis while one of the side affects of gum disease is that it can actually make it more difficult to control your blood glucose (sugar) levels. Patients with Periodontal gum disease are at high risk not just for tooth loss, but also for your bones and gum tissue to become misshapen. For this reason, people who have diabetes often have difficulty with dentures. This added risk factor is just one of the many reasons to take your oral health seriously and see a local dentist regularly.

Diabetes and Dry Mouth

Are you experiences bouts of dry mouth? Dry mouth is often a symptom of undetected diabetes, and can cause soreness, ulcers, infections, and tooth decay. Some conditions caused by diabetes like poor resistance to infection and dry mouth (low saliva levels) can actually contribute to a condition known as oral thrush. Oral thrush is a medical condition in which a fungus grows in the mouth and causes white or red patches on the skin of the mouth. Oral Thrush can result in discomfort and ulcers.

Ways Diabetics Can Work to Prevent Dental Problems

  • monitor and control blood glucose level
  • regular dental check-ups (every 6 months is recommended)
  • Quit smoking
  • clean dentures daily


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