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Finding a good dentist can be intimidating, but no need to delay the search any further than Addison Dental located in Addison, Illinois. Addison Dental is staffed with experienced professionals whose only goal is to make sure you are comfortable, informed and well taken care of. Our mission is to do everything possible to give our patients not only the best treatment but the best caring treatment.

Our comprehensive dental exams are recommended every six months and almost always involves thorough cleaning to remove built-up plaque and tartar which can lead to periodontal diseases, cavities, bad breath and other problems, if left untreated. Usually performed by the dentist or a dental hygienist, dental exams at Addison Dental also involve polishing of your teeth and instructions on a good dental hygiene.

Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums and your age, our dentists may also recommend X-rays to observe other unnoticed problems such as tooth decay, abscesses, jawbone damage etc.
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