Preserve the Look and Feel of Your Natural Teeth with Dental Crowns

At Addison Dental, we provide dental crowning to aesthetically enhance damaged, discolored, weak or restored tooth. A crown, also known as a cap, covers the entire tooth that has lost a lot of its structure. There are various types of crowns, ranging from full porcelain to full metal.

The process of making a crown includes a number of steps, beginning with taking impressions of the tooth involved. The impressions are used to create a mold of the teeth. Meanwhile, your dentist may place a temporary crown or bridge on your teeth. Once the crown is completed, it is inspected and then cemented onto your teeth.

Crowns are a good option for:

  • Covering a discolored, misshapen or broken tooth
  • Covering a restored tooth (dental implant tooth or a root canal tooth)
  • Holding a dental bridge in place
  • Protecting fractured or decayed tooth

To find out if dental crowns can help preserve the look and feel of your natural teeth, schedule a FREE consultation.


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