Pediatric Dentist Addison

Pediatric Dentist Addison

Children’s Dentist Serving Addison Illinois

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Having a family-oriented dentist makes it convenient for you and your children to get all of your dental health care in one location. At Addison Dental we’re committed to making your child’s experience a positive one. How do we guarantee that your child will have a positive experience while under our care? The answer is simple….we talk to them on their level. Our warm and friendly team of dental professionals will take the time to talk to your child and to engage them in their dental health. We also provide an engaging atmosphere by having plenty of books, games, and TVs.

Pediatric Dental Checkups and Cleanings in Addison

In edition to creating a warm and engaging atmosphere for kids, we help lead them down a path of preventive care. Regular preventive care helps Dr. Sama prevent and diagnose dental problems when they are easier to address. Cavities are smaller to fix, cleanings are gentler, and visits are shorter. Scheduling visits every 6 months can help your child feel great about going to the dentist in the future, because it’s something that they are comfortable with. We are currently accepting new patients and families of all ages from the Addison Illinois area. We are able to provide dental care to infants, children, and teenagers.


When Should My Child See a Dentist?

One of the most common questions we hear from new parents is when should they start to see a dentist? Dr. Sama wants you to know that, if your child is 1 year old or has had his or her first tooth erupt – it is time to schedule their first dental visit. Give us a call today 630-984-9850! Good oral health begins early. We will be sure to gently examine your child’s teeth and their gums. With x-rays we will be able to see the progress of the adult teeth coming in and spot problems early. We also apply topical fluoride to ensure the health of your child’s teeth. If you are looking for high quality and affordable dental care for your child in the Addison Illinois area, look no further than Addison Dental.


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